Thursday, May 12, 2011

First Day

Upon landing in SoCal at 1 in the afternoon, my first target: Native Foods

Bonus: Linda treating me to lunch there.  She was thrilled to take me there. Well actually, I'm paraphrasing. Her actual words were more like, "There is no way in hell I'd ever come here if I hadn't promised to bring you here for your birthday. I mean, what is this stuff anyway?!" To which I replied, "Shhhh. Just savor your sub sandwich made with wheat gluten balls...Heavenly, right?"

By evening, got a rubdown at O La La and chowed down at Vy Da with K & V :

The only mistake: trying on possible new clothes. Worse: swim suits. Worst: my friends' corroborating-honest-reaction gasps as I tried on stuff and consoled me by saying well, wear what you have, at least it works!. If the winking emoticon with the arms out for hugs had a sound, I believe I heard it in their voices. On the plus side, I'm motivated to work out in the morning. How many minutes on the elliptical to lose 10 inches of poundcake off this frame? Fingers crossed that 20 will do it!

Great start to what should be a wonderful week. Because honestly, so much more than a complimentary swimsuit, I miss seeing my friends. And eating delicious SoCal food. My aim is to do a lot of both.

Tomorrow, another bonus: haircut.

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Pound said...

mmm my falafel sub was great. :/
i think i know what that noodle thing is, there is a similar thing at chinese dim sum. but it has a soy sauce type sauce all over it.