Saturday, December 31, 2011

Butter Lane

After that wonderful brunch we spent a little time in the Tompkins Square park playground and decided to get cupcakes on the way back at Butter Lane. They have only a couple of cake choices--vanilla, chocolate, and banana:

But offer a sweet array of frostings featuring French or American buttercream:

We had vanilla with caramel frosting (haha--bonus, popcorn!), banana with raspberry frosting, banana with cinnamon honey, and banana with cream cheese frosting.  And since we bought a four box, we got a free "icing shot"--we chose sea salt chocolate.

The raspberry was a nice surprise--kind of refreshing for frosting, but they were all delicious. Sweet way to end our visit.


Pound said...

what happened to that one cuppie? was it like that or did someone smash it? frosting shot. ugh i don't know how anyone can eat just plain frosting. and don't tell me u did it!!!

Tom said...
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