Friday, December 9, 2011

My Secret Santa efforts

My Secret Santa efforts were a bit thwarted as I was traveling in and couldn't really pack anything to do my usual decorative adventures like in 2009 or 2008.  My recipient had put down sun and beach as interests so I tried to create a sunny theme by absconding with these decorative balls from my friends and attempting to spray paint them yellow and orange.  My plan was to hang them from her ceiling like little sunshiny orbs.  Unfortunately, it appears I should have primed them first: 

Fail.  My first day as Secret Santa, I simply gave a lotto scratcher (which I heard won her a dollar--hooray!).  Then my friend L, suggested making a beach scene with supplies already there.  BRILLIANT.  That night, magic happened--I felt I got my Secret Santa mojo back.  What do you think of this little office beach?

Including a wave on her door--yes!

On the following days, I gave her a mixtape CD, an iTunes card, and for the gift under the tree, a jump rope she asked for and this cute hypotrochoid set (anybody remember Spirograph?):

I also had the opportunity to help another Secret Santa whose recipient, S., loves Marc Anthony and candy.  I found this close-enough look-alike at the dollar store, gave him a microphone made from a rolled-up post-it, and put him on a stage of candy that said "Marc Anthony Sings S. Sweet Something".

Man, I LOVE Secret Santa!


Pound said...

what happened with those balls?? and i found balls just like those in my garbage bin. must email people about not hogging up space in others' bins.

and that guy totally looks like marc anthony. if he was a cowboy. and white.

Tom said...
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