Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye to the Triple-X Olympics

Given that I ended up spending a good number of days with only basic channels (Mom!) and without bottomless internet, I was left with only the prime time coverage where I felt I was watching a lot of the same events and same teams going through semi-final and final stages.  Sometimes I wished I saw other non-USA competitors--I feel like previous Olympics I saw so many of the other gymnasts' performances and that was pretty cool.  Sometimes it was exciting--seeing May-Trainor and Walsh-Jennings win their 3rd gold in beach volleyball with some pretty good challenges was worth watching.  Sometimes it raised questions--some I was able to glean answers from the internet.  FYI, the player with the contrast jersey on indoor volleyball teams is the libero

Another question arose when an announcer mentioned during the qualifying heat of the 4x400 women's relay race that Sonya Richards-Ross may run in the final (i.e., she wasn't running on the qualifying team).  And yes, the following evening she was "added" (i.e. replaced a different runner) to the final race team that went on to win gold.  In hindsight, I recollect that similar comments were made about the swimmers in relay races (e.g., none of the swimmers who swam the heat to qualify the US a final spot in the 4x100 freestyle relay swam in the final--the team instead included Adrian, Phelps, Jones, and Lochte who won the silver).  My first question was that, barring injury of a qualifying runner, replacing runners was allowed?  It seems that similarly to individual races, one (or 4) have to earn their spots in the finals.  I understand that in the end, that it's almost a business decision to bring home the gold and put a faster athlete that rested (instead of raced in the qualifier) in the final race.  So my second question is, what does that mean for the members of the relay team that wins the qualifying heat but aren't on the final relay team?  Do they get a part of the Gold glory?  Or is all part of the Team USA spirit?

Anyhoo, overall I wished they had featured other sports like women's boxing (hello, it was first time it was part of the Olympics!) and the gold medal rematch of the finals from the 2011 Women's World Cup soccer/football game between Japan and USA.  But I guess folks who are say, Olympic Sailing fans were on the same boat limited to what was considered Prime Time worthy.  Bah!  What am I saying?  I'm sure anyone into Sailing can afford multiple cable channels!

When it was all over, I really loved the big music showcase at the closing ceremony.  Man, I wish I was one of those London volunteers just dancing around in a bright leotard costume to Pet Shop Boys, Queen, Annie Lennox, George Michael, etc.  It must have been just a big party in that stadium. 

On that note--it will be really interesting to see what Rio De Janiero brings to the ceremonies in 2016!

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