Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sprained ankle

So mad at myself--I totally rolled hard on my ankle down the subway stairs. The embarrassing part was that it was due to me texting while walking. I realized I wanted to text my sister that I was getting on the train and wanted to send it while I had a signal before going underground. So I was scrambling to tap out a message and assumed my feet knew how to walk down stairs and the next thing I knew I yelped and was hugging the banister. I was like a PSA. A totally embarrassing PSA.

Anyhoo, my left ankle was pretty swollen at first:

But my sister had been on me about icing, elevating it, and wearing an ACE bandage and it got better over the weekend. It was still swollen--I could feel some fluid floating around on the top of my foot, but I was struck how much more youthful that foot looked.  It's not so clear in the picture below but the fluid totally filled out the skin that clings to my veiny, tendony foot.  All I could think of was if I could transfer this youthfulness to my veiny, tendony hands and arms.

Now I can see why they promote fillers in some plastic surgery--though I don't think it successfully translates on faces as much as it does on feet, IMHO.  Anyhoo, the ankle still hurts though I have to confess that I kind of laxed on the icing, elevating, and ACE bandage wearing (read as not done any of it at all while at my mom's until my SoCar Mud Run captain chastised me via text last night).  As recommended, I haven't exercised at all for a week and I kind of feel my body softening like my fluid-filled foot--frustrating.

Bottom line: don't text and walk down subway stairs--this could happen to you!


TillyHand said...

I'm still leaning towards the foot on the right looking better than the one on the left...puffy on your face or your foot is not good!

Pound said...

that reminds me, today i saw a kid (teen?) skateboard across irvine ctr dr all while looking down at his phone. even on the part where you go up the little ramp to the sidewalk he was still looking at his phone. ON A SKATEBOARD. i was like you're either a dumbass or i should give you props. but you're not a dumbass. that was different. :D

Tom said...
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Good thing you are okay again.

Jacqueline Hodges said...
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Jacqueline Hodges said...

It’s good to hear that you learned something from the experience, Frances. There have been a lot of staircase-related accidents, and it doesn’t help if you do something that might confuse you while climbing up or going down the stairs. I just hope that it was only a minor sprain, and that it didn’t lead to any further complications. Take care!

Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr. Koziol