Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I wanty: Polaroid Z2300

OMG, I have fallen SO HARD for this cutie:

Photo source: Photojojo

Photojojo has the newest Polaroid Z2300 available for pre-order now.  And I am wishing my birthday was like, NOW.  I wanty.

It begs the question: do I have 16 close friends? 16 close friends that would want to spend $10 each on me for an awesome collective Christmas present?  Or Labor Day gift?  Sigh.

What's not to love?  It's a simple (and totally cute) small, 10 MP digital camera that gives the option to PRINT INSTANT pictures:

Photo source: Photojojo

I love my Instax and Instax Mini-- they're perfect for fun, instantaneous pix at an event where I know I'd want a print of every moment. But sometimes there are pix I take on my iPhone or digital camera that I think, man I wish I could print this out right NOW. I've looked into separate photo printers for the iPhone but they are either too big or the ideally sized ones for mobility don't work with an iPhone (e.g., the Polaroid POGO).  So until the iPhone starts printing out instant photos or there is a mobile printer that will work with it, this is the closest to portable picture-taking and printing.  I love it.

It also has other features, like flash, video, etc.  But hello--INSTANT prints!  Anybody else craving this?


Tom said...
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Pound said...

you can print pics on this from another source? but that takes away from what a real polaroid is- the fact that you can't keep taking pics til you get that perfect shot, and that each one might or not be imperfect. but ya omg my polaroid is the size of a small suitcase, but still love it! you already have an instax!!!