Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's that time again soon

I was walking on campus and came across this:

The South Carolina marching band was practicing formation and music in the hot sun.  I don't know if marching band songs are supposed to be a surprise but I hope I can at least say...U Can't Touch Them. 

Did I mention that I love, love, LOVE drum corps?  I really could listen to hours of it, I think.  And I'm pretty sure I could dance to it too.  Just straight drum corps, without the rest of the band.  I really love it.  Oh yes, I saw the movie Drumline, though I would have preferred more drum corps and less pesky story line.  Though I always remember Orlando Jones' band director's line to competing drummers:  "I don't know what beef is between you, but you'd better grill it up and eat it".  Hee!

Anyhoo, if the marching band is sweating it out on the field, one can be sure that football season is around the corner. Looking forward to watching games on the weekends. I didn't grow up a football fan but now (with perhaps a little help from football pools) I enjoy it as an escapist excuse to relax on the couch and get sucked into a game for a few hours. Or a day. Or two.


Tom said...
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Tiffany said...

One band, one sound!!

TillyHand said...

You crack me up! I was in that very marching band, sweating it out through band camp the week before school started...I love it! And, several of my friends' kids started with USC Band this year. What a legacy! :)

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