Monday, August 6, 2012

Me & him

Before heading down to Jersey to spend time with my mom, I got to hang with this handsome guy:

We watched some Olympics, like the Men's indoor volleyball games:

We hung out at the beach:

We both washed up after coming back from the beach:

We did a little stoopin' on his Brooklyn stoop:

We shared a shave ice:

And yeah, we got to hang with his dad, my outdoorsy BIL:

And his mom, my fat sister:

Don't worry, the joke's on me--I STILL outweigh my 7-month-pregnant sister (though currently, only by 10 pounds).

Can't wait to hang out again with him!


Pound said...

he's wearing the old asian lady big hat. and you turned your word thing back on! :(

Joanne said...

Annabelle is pregnant again?! That's awesome! Congratulations! I feel so out-of-the-loop...