Monday, October 21, 2013

Linda's Reusable handcrafted produce/bulk bin bags

I scored a couple of these cool Reusable Washable Drawstring Produce bags from Linda:

I LOVE them.  Besides the fact that she designed and hand-dyed them with some crazy UV ink, they are totally washable and practical.  As someone who does quite a bit of bulk bin and produce shopping, I felt wasteful using all those plastic bags that I would use to bag up my dry beans, seeds, spinach, etc. and then end up just throwing them away afterwards.  Depending on the store, I could bring in my own containers--but it meant getting them weighed first every time I went.  Linda's bag weigh .05 pound, which is pretty negligible.

So I'm ready to go--and just load up on pumpkin seeds, dried chick peas, and more at the store.

Stylish, hand-crafted, functional, and good for the planet--a WIN all around!

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