Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wish I Could Be at the Book of Notes Workshop

Anyone else love the Book of Notes that Danni of Oh Hello Friend puts together?  I wish I had a picture of my own but hit the link and you'll see some awesome Book of Notes she makes.  They combine my favorite elements: paper, crafting, and sentiment.  Could you imagine giving one of these?  Or just as good--receiving one? 

They kind of remind of these bestselling books sold in the 90s (totally spacing on the titles!) that were purportedly love letters back and forth and came in this colorful book with little envelopes attached inside to artful pages.  Though I never read them, I was definitely attracted to the tactile participation.  These Book of Notes remind me of them but obviously I would prefer ones made personally.  I guess the challenging part would be coming up with the various sentiments to fill up the pages.

She is doing a Book of Notes Workshop this Sunday at her Fullerton, CA shop and holy cow, how I wish I was there for it!  Any Cali friends going?   Would love to see the finished project!


Tom said...
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Pound said...

oh you should make one and give it to me! and the books were griffin and sabine. i had all 3 and they were maddening cuz i'm pretty sure sabine wasn't real. she was like brad pitt in fight club.