Friday, February 6, 2009

A Detour

My neck is feeling a world better. I guess skipping exercise and stuffing popcorn and Red Baron pizza in my face instead is just what the doctor ordered. There is still some pain there and when I drive my car in reverse, my turned head has a frozen pained expression where it looks like my mouth is yawning arrrgghhhh. But I believe I'm on the mend.

Hey, you know that commercial? It's the one where a couple is happily closing a deal on their terms and the wife expresses relief that she didn't have to resort to Plan B, which was having the salesman eat a pan of brownies that she had secretly prepared with horse laxatives. The camera pans down showing that a square is already missing and it cuts to the husband who has surprised face with brownie-eating evidence around his mouth. His stomach gurgles and he races off to the bathroom as the wife resignedly sighs, "my husband kind of has a sweet tooth."

Well, we got a message on our answering machine. It was a recording from Costco saying that the maker of Detour protein bars are voluntarily recalling all their bars due to the possible peanut butter used to make them. Of course, my head slowly swivels to the box of Detour bars on our counter where they have all been eaten except for the last one. My mind alternated between dang, those were so good (for protein bars, at least) and hey, does salmonella cause neck pain?

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