Thursday, February 5, 2009

My neck is killing me

Seriously? I can't believe I screwed up my neck from essentially turning my head. I was so uncomfortable at work, I was ready to scream. Or drown my pain in a grande Starbucks latte. Miserably, I did neither.

Please, please, please let me wake up with a better neck in the morning.


Michael Kwun said...

Are you feeling stressed? After law school and the bar exam, and while packing up my apartment for the move down to LA for my new job, I suddenly found myself in intense neck pain, which I could minimize (though not eliminate) only by turning my head way to the left. I packed up a bunch of boxes while standing sideways, pretty much, to accommodate this ridiculous situation. I'm pretty sure it was stress induced.

Today, my response would be to schedule a visit to a masseuse. Even if it turns out that isn't necessary, at least you'd get a nice massage out of it!

Michael Kwun said...

Ah, ok, saw the shampoo post. That may have been the trigger, but it still might be stress at root.

I still recommend a massage. It may seem indulgent, but it's really worth it.