Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pranking in the name of love

So I have to confess that I pranked someone at work for Valentine's Day last Friday. I got a bit of "So I hear you hate Valentine's Day" from my post last year from this person, which I clarified was more about the annoyances of the greedy machinations of Valentine's Day (and Mother's Day for that matter), not the sentiment.

So in case she didn't believe me, I made my case. I got to her desk before she came in and I gave her the nice wood tag and re-arranged her keyboard to spell it out:

And I gave a sprinkles container filled with classic conversation hearts as well:

See? Does this look like the work of a Valentine's Day hater?

What I didn't know was that keyboard keys are fitted for certain rows and when she tried logging in when she got into work (because, of course, she didn't look at her keyboard), a couple of the keys got stuck. Apparently she was a touch annoyed and hunted down another keyboard to swap out. Eventually (at least I was told) she liked it.

Whew. Good thing I gave her the candy!

And I have to give sweetheart props to her--she brought me an awesome froyo-shaved ice-fresh fruit-mochi dessert when she got her stylin' haircut on her lunchbreak Tuesday. Man, I should have taken a picture, it was heaven in a big paper bowl. And yesterday she gave me some Pocky sticks!

Hmm. Perhaps I need to prank people more often.


Pound said...

hahahahaha you broke her keyboard!!!

and pocky rocks. we like strawberry and the white flavor.

tiffany said...

i still haven't disassembled it.

i'm going to try and keep it forever .. .. or .. until the person whose keyboard i stole comes back and demands it, whichever comes first.

:) thanks again.