Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is there something in my teeth?

Once I was having lunch with some friends and while I was telling a story, one friend interjects, "you have something in your teeth."  My initial reaction was sarcastically responding, "well, well, well...thanks for totally embarrassing me."  And she looked at me surprised and said, "What?  You would prefer that I let you keep talking with that in your teeth?"  Hmph.  As embarrassed as I felt initially, she was right.  Though the information seemed an embarrassing blow initially, I ultimately would prefer the heads up so I could fix it now rather than letting me spend the rest of the day regaling folks with crushed oreo smiles.

So today, a Dairy Queen commercial plays on tv and Paul goes, "Mmmm, their shakes are so good, but not good for chubby people like us."

What did you say?

He repeated, louder, "I said their shakes are good, but not good for chubby people like us."


"Uh...I meant, like me...I mean, I meant the royal know," as he swept his arms indicating the rest of the nation that Dairy Queen shakes are not good for.

Fear not, I did not freak out or cry or berate him.  And for those who may think he's being mean and that he thinks that I need to lose weight to be attractive, he is not and he doesn't.  The truth is we both have been lamenting that we have gained over 30 pounds each since the days when we first started dating.  And it's not about the number, we both feel so much weaker and out-of-shape than before.  And if someone wants to tell me that 30 pounds isn't so bad, I honestly would say that 10 pounds wasn't so bad, but unfortunately, it turned to 20, then 30.  Am I waiting until I'm 50 pounds over before I get serious about it?  And to a degree, it's not for trying--and which may explain why I haven't been gaining more weight.  I've been getting regular about exercising and have been making pretty healthy choices at the grocery store.  And goodness knows, I can't even remember the last time I had a Dairy Queen shake.

But somehow hearing what we individually whine about to each other get confirmed in a casual afterthought of a commercial really just made it all stick.  Okay, so I know I've gone through permutations of this post at least twice in the new year and that I've had previous signs before, but today, again, is a new day.  This time I'm going to write down everything I eat, no more wishy-washy point counting. 

Here we go.  Again. Guess I should read that book.


Tom said...
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Pound said...

remember when i proposed we txt each other everyday everything we ate that day? it lasted 2 days. i believe i txted you last and you never replied...