Friday, June 10, 2011

Mean egg whites

Years ago in New York, "Power Breakfasts" came to be in vogue: high-powered folks would meet for breakfast to wheel and deal or power-chat at some high-end hotel's restaurant. But the interesting thing to me about these breakfasts was that apparently was it not only expected, but there was almost a competitive nature, to eat a very mean breakfast. The newbie or rookie would be spotted eating a breakfast platter with pancakes or hash browns while the top executives could be identified cracking a solitary soft-boiled egg or having plain oatmeal and black coffee.

Anyhoo, kind of reminds me of my breakfast:

I attempted to dress up the scrambled egg whites with some low fat cheese, but the egg whites still dominated this breakfast with their overwhelming plainness.

Blech. It would have been a perfect power breakfast.


Tom said...
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Pound said...

i'm so disappointed in you. i coulda told you it would suck. i need to take you to sushilicious. it's pretty frakking awesome.