Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School

Isn't it amazing how the mind works? What is it about Back to School that briefly fooled me into thinking it was fall? I actually drove around yesterday with the windows rolled down in some waking hallucination that it was a New England autumn. It wasn't until I saw the big laundromat thermometer advising that it was 93 degrees that I realized I had soaked through my shirt. When I glanced at my reflection in the rear-view mirror, I was sweating so much, you'd think my brain was crying out of my pores.

On the plus side, school has brought a sense of routine and purpose to the house. I actually crossed off some items from the huge "to-do" list--tedious stuff like filing/trashing piles of paper, unpacking a couple of the few remaining boxes, etc. As tedious as they were, they felt so satisfying when done and there was a clearer sense of order/less clutter too, which was also extremely satisfying. And I'm finally making a dent in this book I borrowed over 2 months ago:

Guess I'll never be too cool for school. Which is probably a good thing for me.


Tom said...
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Pound said...

but are you DONE UNPACKING?? speaking of summer, wth. i went to costco this week, and they have all their xmas toys and decorations out. not as much as the full regalia (the gift baskets aren't out) BUT STILL. STILL. ethan isn't even back in school and already xmas? i should start getting myself ready for st. patrick's day.