Sunday, August 28, 2011

A bright side

Despite Irene wrecking my sister's and Augie's visit to SoCar, I am grateful that Irene was not as nearly as devastating as prepared for and came and left New York without much fanfare.  Though my sister lamented that after the earthquake, this was another reason for the rest of the country to laugh at NYC, I said that the over-preparedness sure beats the opposite situation.

The other plus this weekend is my friend, K, in North Carolina decided to came down for a visit.  We all went out to a nice dinner at Motor Supply Company:

Paul and the girl took our leftovers home and then K and I toured around the Vista, checking out various locales and bars.  We had a fun Ladies' night though, bless K's petite loveliness, when it's just the two of us, I can't help but look extra big and butch next to her. If it was a movie, she's totally the main character and I'm that sidekick that somehow got the nickname "Moose" and you go "Awwww" when I get paired up with an equally awkward, yet sweet, sidekick (most likely a guy named "Doughboy" or "Ogre") in a feel-good minor subplot at the end of the movie. But regardless--a really, good night with a good friend:

Also the girl wanted to dye a blue streak in her hair this weekend.  It turns out you have to first bleach the streak first.  I got a little gunshy when it came to leaving the bleaching mix in too long and we rinsed out it out too early (it's recommended that the hair be very light blond) where it's still a bit too golden to add the blue coloring.  But it turns out that the girl is kind of digging the little swatch of caramel coloring so we'll wait a bit before bleaching the streak again and adding color.

Looking forward to a week without any weather traumas!


Paul said...

Hmmm - I think you're saying I'm "Doughboy"...

Pound said...

hahahahah you're so hilarious. but usually the bigger sidekick has a name like tiny