Sunday, August 7, 2011

My kind of luck

I have a friend who seems to possess a lot of luck, the good kind--she has won SuperBowl Squares (the kind where you pick one of the 100 squares and hope your square matches up with a quarter-ending score), raffles, Bingo, and most recently, while attending a popular 90s band in a boutique venue, she and her friends were hand-picked in a crowd to hang out with the band at the bar after the show. And then of course, were front-row VIP guests at their next show.

My luck? I was glad to score an aisle seat on the long leg of my flights back from SoCal to SoCar, after sitting in the middle on the short leg from SoCal to Phoenix (and on my flights out to SoCal). (Tangential note: Don't you think the person in the middle seat should get the arm rests?) A large man sat at the window and the middle seat was promisingly empty for a while. In the final minutes of boarding, a woman and her 6 month old baby arrived and squeezed into the middle seat. I kind of dozed during takeoff but once in the air, woke when the mom needed to change the baby's diaper. As she settled back in her seat, we noticed the window seat guy clutching his head. Turns out he's a first time flyer and asked if either of us had a bag, "just in case". The self-centered and exhausted part of me wanted to just go to sleep but fear not, the sympathetic part of me won out and offered my aisle seat. As we shuffled seats, I somehow ended up in the middle. But we hadn't shuffled our floor stuff--so I had the lady's diaper bag and purse at my feet and my laptop bag (which doesn't close) at the first time flyer's feet. Selfish paranoia that he was going to vomit all over my open bag kept me awake. Also, helping amuse the teething baby kept me from sleeping as well (You're welcome, flight 1550!) All in all, the baby was a sweet cutie and the first time flyer didn't vomit, so really I was lucky the flight was much more pleasant than the possible outcome the factors alluded to.

But truly, I wouldn't mind winning a raffle or know, that kind of lucky.

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Pound said...

not selfish! would he have paid if he barfed on your lappie? you need to come back out here for our angels game. the guy just told me i could buy ethan an angels shirt if i want to. i was like wha??? they wont just let him wear one?