Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where Them Girls At

Paul has been on a 10 day hiking/camping trip in Wyoming so it's just been the girl and me. I'm chagrined to report that I've been a little less-than-stellar-mom when it's come to our meals. We ate pancakes for about 3 meals (and they weren't all breakfast):

But we lucked out and were able to spend some time this weekend with some friends up in North Carolina. We enjoyed a superb lunch at Vinnie's on Lake Norman. The girl was enamored by this twist on the classic claw game:

We also had our first tubing adventure:

It was a blast, though I nearly lost my suit bottom when I slipped half off the tube while the speedboat was still jetting.

But I'll spare you that picture.  To top off a great day, a great meal at Enso:

Needless to say, it was like a great vacation in a weekend!

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Pound said...

omg does anyone ever catch a lobster??? when you're here- lobster mac n cheese! i just saw costco has 2 lobster tails for $20. not paying for the weight of the head and other things you can't eat!