Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It probably comes to no surprise that by the fact that I haven't mentioned Weight Watchers since 2008 that I haven't gone back to the program since then. It got really busy at work for me and, of course, I rationalized that something had to give, and gave myself license to eat whatever I wanted. I also forewent exercise. I know the diehards out there say that this all is not a good excuse. And frankly, I agree. The brief joy I had eating an entire family bag of potato chips in one night is marred by the stress induced by the set of back b00bs I developed in the meantime.

Unfortunately, I'm still busy and somewhat stressed (still haven't done our tax return!) so I'm still not psyched up to get back on the WW wagon, despite the alarming sign of developing Alfred Hitchcock's jowls . Figuring out points can be really time-consuming, especially when cooking a family-size meal with a lot of ingredients that aren't really measured. But I realize I have to do something. So I'm at least trying to get back to the gym on a regular 3-4 times a week basis. Also I'm trying to resist finding my joy in stuffing my face. Or at least downgrade--instead of ice cream for dessert last night I enjoyed tea and a cookie.

I aim to get back on track soon...

Updated to add that "back b00bs" are those lumps that squish out of the bra in the back.


Anonymous said...

You're a toasted-bunned goddess who can craft-up inspiration at the drop of a dime and then kick my butt with some MMA shenanigans. You're an icon to us forty-somethings who live in the job-commute-chores-housecleaning-childrearing limbo of suburbia.

What's a back-boob?

Pound said...

zomg. back boob!!! hate the back boob!
good luck getting back on track. gsc season is almost over. :P