Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Fail

Though I want to blame Daylight Savings Time, unfortunately my weekend fail is all on me. This was my first weekend I hadn't gone into office in a while and I had glorious plans to declutter and organize. Starting with the Flea Market at the Oasis, I was hoping to de-stash a lot of scrap stuff I wasn't using. Well, despite some sales on my part, I managed to come home with more than I started due to some amazing deals.

And we also managed to get sucked into 1000 Ways to Die on SpikeTV. Have you seen this show? Don't. It is re-enactments of purportedly true, yet very bizarre (with a dose of salaciousness) ways people have died. It's a train wreck. The words, this is ridiculous, change the channel, I cannot believe we're watching this, were coming out of my mouth but my eyes were glued. We saw the stories of how a peeping tom and a furry bizarrely (and can I say ridiculously?) died. It was like getting one of those insanely large, cheesy nacho plates with fried beef and sour cream where you're disgusted you're eating it yet you keep shoveling the greasy crap in your mouth anyway because it's in front of you. That was definitely a time eater.

On top of everything else, we got sucked into watching Star Wars on tv. Twice!

If being lazy and having our brains rot to tv while watching a house get messier was the goal, this would have been a weekend win. Unfortunately, it was not the goal at all.

Weekend Fail.

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Pound said...

zomgggg the other night i came out and asked evan what he was watching... 1000 ways to die. apparently you weren't alone.

also hulu is rotting your brain w/ aliens who look like alec baldwin, and who can win against the baldwin?