Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Anybody remember Kids in the Hall? It was a Canadian ensemble sketch comedy show from the 80s and I remember discovering much later in syndication on cable (Comedy Central?). The flow and humor (not really for the kiddies) is kind of like Nick Swardson's Pretend Time show today. The show would often go from sketch to backstage and sometimes later scenes would connect from an earlier scene.

Definitely one of my favorite comedy series of all time and one of my favorite sketches was when Bruce McCulloch's "double" appears. Backstage, Bruce McCulloch runs into a much heavier and older man who claims to be his double. Obviously Bruce doesn't see it and is somewhat miffed that the guy thinks he looks just like him:

Then in a later scene, to his annoyance, the "double" appears and another actor can't tell them apart, looking at each of them in turn, shocked, "Bruce?! Bruce?!" (and then the scene flows into another sketch):

For some reason, this set of sketches has been one of my favorite. Perhaps because of some uncanny possible future relevance?


The girl had friends over the weekend and I had served them pancakes and eggs. I was putting stuff into the dishwasher and then I went to put stuff into the dryer which is in a closet in the hall on the other side of the kitchen. All of the sudden I hear one of the girl's friends come into the kitchen to bring his plate to the sink and he starts saying, "Thank you very much, the food was deli----omigosh! I thought you were your mom!"

Apparently the girl (not me) was at the kitchen sink rinsing out her plate. I froze, listening to the stunned silence. I can only imagine the face the girl made because all of the sudden the friend is stammering, "Sorry! It's just that I thought you were your mom when I brought...uh...well, you kind of look like..."

The girl responds, in my opinion, much more vigorously appalled than Bruce McCulloch. She shrieks, "Aaarrrrrgggghhh! Why are you saying that?! My mom is, like, old...and she's like...full-Asian!"

Fortunately, after some more apologizing and ranting (yeesh, should I be insulted?) this became water under the bridge and the friendship was preserved.

But out of curiosity, assuming general peripheral vision because you're focused on just bringing a plate to the sink, is it fair (and so insulting) to say that it is possible to confuse this:

With this?

Erg. Point taken, sweetie. Hmm. Well, on that note, I've suddenly found motivation to exercise again (or just buy looser shirts). And get a haircut.

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Pound said...

ahahahaha you're old and full asian??!!! well damn so am i!