Monday, February 28, 2011


Hooray for me--I managed to squeeze in "The King's Speech" right before the Oscars. And then right after, I watched the actual awards show. Though the opening montage of Hathaway and Franco was pretty funny, the rest was so predictable and boring. It probably doesn't help that I'm on East Coast time now and this thing goes on until 11:30pm. Dudes, you really have to entertain me, please! You want me to stay awake, right?!

First, the young co-hosts really showed their age. With lack of hosting carriage and composure, I felt I was watching the best man and maid of honor stumble and giggle their way through their toasts a box of wine in. I was waiting for one of them to start pointing at respected actors and start crying into the mike, I love you, man...I really, really love you, man.

Second--what a teaser to suggest that Hugh Jackman was going to sing and dance! The payoff was watching Hathaway sing a send-up of "On My Own" on her own? Pffft. Let down.

Third--how many outfits and hair dos did Hathaway go through? Distracting. Almost as much as wondering if Franco was stoned or indifferent? Leaning his head back so that his heavy-lidded glassy eyeballs would be able to read the teleprompter annoyed me. This is Hollywood for cripes sake, I know they have access to Four Loko backstage, son.

And finally, no surprises in the winners. I stayed through the end because I was really, really hoping that Annette Bening would pull out a surprising win. Oh well. At least Natalie Portman's speech didn't include how much her fiance "totally wants to sleep with me!"

On the plus side, I really enjoyed Kirk Douglas' bit during the Supporting Actress award--really encouraging that a stroke has not kept him down. I found David Seidler's speech about being the oldest winner of the Original Screenplay Oscar witty and inspiring. And man, Sandra Bullock--that woman has got it together. She showed everyone how it's done--gorgeous and with great comic timing, class, and sincerity--totally engaging. Also--after seeing more clips from the nominations, I'd really like to see "Winter's Bone" now (though, it looks pretty intense--kind of still scared).

Oh well, on to next year...


Kristen said...

I agree. Total snooze fest and so predictable... Blah.

Heidi said...

Thank god for the DVR....I fast forwarded my way through that thing in about an hour and 20. I like Anne, but after her hosting gig, she's kind of annoying, well it's over on to next year.

Pat said...

Haven’t been here in like…FOREVER!
But Annette Bening??? PLEASE!
She is such an “ACTOR!”-
Her acting tips:

1)ALWAYS talk through your nasal area

2)Keep your gaze deadly yet vacant

3)And don’t forget to ALWAYS sound indignant and superior in your tone (even if you’re just ordering coffee).

I’m not really a Natalie Portman fan, but come on-- all that training and emotion! I thought she was amazing-She deserved it!

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