Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Sunday

We made Super Bowl Sunday a broader Super Sunday and invited the girl's friends over before the game for pizza and sundaes, to celebrate them all making honor roll:

The kids were less dazzled by the two kinds of chili I had made (veggie 3 bean and buffalo with all the fixins!) for the game:

Unfortunately, a couple of the kids were sick and no adults came for the Super Bowl portion of Super Sunday so...we'll be eating chili for days.

Saturday I happened upon a highlight replay of the 2009 Super Bowl where Arizona had a stunning rally from behind and were poised to win and then the Steelers pull it together for a wild finish and win 27-23. I remember realizing: The Steelers will take this one too. And goodness knows I love rooting for the underdog. So of course, I'm thinking I should bet money on this. The other big sign pointing to this was that I was struggling again in some of my Words With Friends games. Because the recurring theme this year is I don't have enough luck to do well in both WWF and the NFL. Fortunately for me, apparently Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest gambling day of the year and I couldn't place what would have been my losing bet. Guess I've got no luck anywhere right now.

It was an exciting game to watch anyway and of course, it's also become about the commercials. I'm with the general public and adored the little Darth Vader commercial (given that we never saw his face, the kid expressed the Darth Vader vibe amazingly with his body and energy) and was entranced by the Chrysler "Imported from Detroit" commercial. I'm in the minority who thought the Teleflora commercial with the clueless guy encouraged to "speak from the heart" by Faith Hill and taps out Your rack is unbelievable was pretty funny. I'm also one of the few who didn't find the Timothy Hutton Groupon commercial offensive. I didn't find he mocked the plight of Tibetan refugees, I found he mocked the typical maudlin delivery of celebrity spokespeople really well. Growing up on Sally Struthers' "Feed the Children" ads, I remember tuning out the message because of the overwrought delivery. And for better or worse, I was barely listening to the initial delivery of the Groupon commercial because I was waiting for the punchline, as with most Super Bowl commercials--kicked off with the Doritos "The Best Part" commercial:

I was also in the minority who didn't think the half time show was the worst. Granted the audio was funked up but I kind of take that for granted when it comes to such huge live events. The only ironic part was the participation of Slash. Given how appalled he was at the thought of Glee covering GnR, I couldn't help but wonder if this schlocky version of "Sweet Child o' Mine", complete with LED top hat, sets the bar for him in terms of GnR covers? Yeesh, Slash, to quote Ben Stiller's orderly in "Happy Gilmore"--you can trouble me for a warm glass of shut-the-hell-up!

I managed to stay awake for the awards portion of the Super Bowl, including Roger Staubach's walk up to the podium with the Lombardi trophy. Was I the only one who read his lips expressing annoyed "okay, okay"s as the Packers kept touching the trophy as he walked up to the podium? And could that podium have been any smaller? I don't think I saw more than 4 people on that thing at a time, which meant for all this awkward shuffling or someone hanging half on the podium, half on the stairs.

Anyhoo, good game. Looking forward to next season...if there is one.

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Pound said...

well given her past homework, i'd be sorely disappointed if she DIDN'T make honor roll.

the rest was just text swimming before my eyes...