Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On to the next one

The house is still in the process of getting unpacked an organized. Honestly, I feel like the only room truly done is the kitchen. The living room is a close second but I still have to organize the CDs/DVDs and hang more stuff on the walls. But it's almost there too. I guess I'd reason the slow progress is that I don't want to rush anything and just put stuff away for the sake of putting it away--that I want to really have a good system in place and filtered out what we truly want/need to keep.

So the next room I'm tackling is the spare room. It's been kind of a holding area for crafting stuff and all the record albums, as well as some overage from the SoCal garage. The current goal for this room is to craft stuff as well as be a guest room. As you can see, it could use a little organizing:

Okay, there's a little path here...

Yeesh, that's a lot of stuff on the shelves, probably need to filter again

There's all the albums. Oh and the turntable to turn them to mp3s. Still in the box.

Sigh. Well there's a ways to go. Especially since I've got two weekends to organize this and fit a bed in here. Why the sudden motivation? 'Cause Augie (and his parents) is coming for a visit! Best motivation ever.

Well at least it's not as bad as the craft room in SoCal:

Uh, right?

Anyhoo, I'm open to any suggestions and wishes of good luck and focus. Here we go...


Tomb said...
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Erik said...

Two words: Peter Walsh

Pound said...

good lord frances lee. those 2 rooms look exactly the same.

Heidi said...

Sheesh! You're kidding yourself my friend!!! Those rooms are identical ;0 Good luck, the trashcan is your friend, use it.