Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The spare room is happening

I'm still working on decluttering and organizing the spare room. But with a little over a week before my sister and her family come for a visit, I really had to focus on securing a bed for the room. After bombing out at the Macy's sale on mattresses (again no delivery until too late) and hitting a local furniture store with only 2 selections in my price range, I did a google search and happened upon Carolina Furniture and Mattress.

It was just right--good selection and they totally worked with me on price. An 800-coil Simmons BeautyRest has got my name on it. And now I have time to really get that room organized! Delivery is slated for the day of their arrival--and well, nothing could go possibly go wrong there!

I'm pretty excited that this room is finally coming together!

1 comment:

Pound said...

you mean you didn't want a goodwill mattress? it would be all broken in and everything!