Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goodwill finds

I was dropping off some donations to Goodwill and, even though I didn't need anything, I checked it out as well. And I scored. Now I don't usually swing by the men's section but since I had some downtime, I cruised the racks and found this:

Anybody follow Big 12 football in the late 90s? Dat Nguyen was one of the most decorated linebackers in the Big 12 at the time and obviously at Texas A&M. His story is not only a success story of a son of Vietnamese immigrants but also one of breaking perceptions and stereotypes. He was perceived too small to be a linebacker but ended up excelling at Texas A&M (where some of his records still stand) and was a great player to watch. As an Asian-American, it was exciting to watch a standout Asian American athlete in a sport where, frankly, there were (and are) very few that even play. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys where he was also a successful linebacker until he retired with a neck injury. I have no idea what this jersey is doing here in Trenton, but at $4, I snatched this piece of awesome history.

I also decided to get these cute boots. They were in great condition and only $2. I figured between me and the girl, they would get some use:

Kind of makes me wonder if anyone gets excited about buying my donations...


Pound said...

omg. omg. omg. dat nguyem is evan's man crush!!!! i have no idea who he is, just that evan talks about him and loves dallas cuz of him. so random!!!!!!

Tom said...

You are officially, and irrevocably, a Cowboys fan now, Miss Lee. There's no backing out Welcome to the sunnier, and far more ridiculed, side of the street.