Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pic Collage app

Another app that I've been playing around with is the free (currently) Pic Collage app:

What a great way to use a bunch of pix, especially when you can't decide which one is the best (or cutest). So easy to pull in, move, and re-size pictures, though I would thoroughly appreciate it if I could pull in multiple pictures in at a time (rather than one at a time which can get tedious with a lot of pictures I want to include or a camera roll as large as mine) The text feature offers a variety of fonts and colors and there are a variety of background and seasonal "stickers" as well, though I would admit the selection is somewhat limited.

I would really love a way (or template even) to get all pix evenly and neatly laid out (in, uh, a non-collagy way) for those times I do want the whole pictures in. It's kind of difficult to do it by hand on the iPhone screen and definitely looks laid out and re-sized manually:

For a free app, I love it for being a way to share multiple pictures or share the highlights from an event without clicking and sending actual multiple picture files. And in a collage format, you can highlight the meat of the pix by the collage arrangement. If any of this appeals to you, I highly recommend it--it's one of my new favorite apps.


Tom said...
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Pound said...

dangit you and your product recs. i just bought the ink joy pens. i may need to stop reading your blog. oh and can you post more frequently? i miss u...

ching-mei said...

thanks for writing such a great review about PicCollage! Please feel free to write to us with any suggestions on how to make it even better for you!