Friday, February 3, 2012

Ink joy

I was wandering Target on errands and these new Ink Joy pens by Paper Mate caught my eye. They were about $3.50 for each package:

First, the name--Ink Joy--grabbed me alone. As a crafter and scrapper, those two words together just made me want to scribble with them. Second, the ink is smooov. When I tested it out at Target, it was a like a Segway in my hand, the pen just glided across the paper. That said, when I got mine home and started just writing with it, it's almost too smooth and fast. My handwriting can get hard to read if I write too fast. So generally, my handwriting actually benefits from a stickier ink because it forces me to write more deliberately. But I certainly loved the feel of the smooth ink. Guess I should work on my penmanship. Finally, I loved the availability of colors. To find all these colors in ball point (rather than markers) was such fun find for me and the colors are satisfyingly saturated.

The numbers, like the 700RTs and the 300RTs above, stand for the style.  The higher the number, the higher (or fancier, e.g. cushioned grip) the style. RT stands for retractable, which I always prefer to pen and cap (because I inevitably lose the cap).  So far, they've become my new precious pen along with my Seven Year Mustache pen.

They even inspired me to do a little smashing on a plain blank page:

I used all the colors to make my own pattern paper:

Added this cute instax of Velina and Augie together:

A little washi tape and tiny letter stickers to frame them:

And some other tiny embellishments, some journaling, and accenting of some of the hearts with my black 700RT:

A really basic page, but I heart it.

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Pound said...

target u say? i'm gonna need me some of those. and i love how you started referring to them by model number. i bought the 20 pack of sharpie pens in colors (fine point) but i'm thinking i need ink joy. dangit. i need to stop reading your blog. first the popcorn, now this?