Monday, February 27, 2012

The Oscars happened

and I was so unprepared for it. This is hands down one of my worst Oscar-nominated movie viewing seasons ever. I saw only 4 of the 9 nominated films and I have to say for two of them I felt they were overrated ("The Artist") or WTH?! ("Tree of Life"). Not my best Oscar season. I will say that after watching the show, I really want to see "Hugo" and "Albert Nobbs".

I also have to say that after spending nearly a decade on the West Coast--it came back to me how much the East Coast is screwed when it comes to live events. I passed out somewhere around Best Director and woke up to Natalie Portman, awkwardly revering this year's Best Actor nominations. Maybe it would help if the Oscars were a bit more entertaining and could wrangle up decent commercials like the Super Bowl.

Anybody else watch or have a good movie recommendations?


Tom said...
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Pat said...

I loved HUGO, The Artist & Tree of Life-go Albert Nobbs yourself!

Pound said...

i was gonna ask you about your predictions! i heard hugo was weirdbut that's cuz they brought their kids. i haven't seen any of them. was too busy watching hp:dh2 and the green lantern and transformers 3 last yr.