Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday: Super Bowl 46

For Super Bowl Sunday, I went up to the city to help babysit this cutie while his parents had an appointment:

Is it naughty of me that I thought it was hilarious that he's "holding" my coffee?

Anyhoo, I fell madly in love with my Hipstamatic app all over again today!  Deets on lenses/films are in the caption.  When he woke up, I took him to the playground:

Loftus lens, Pistil film
He enjoyed it much more than holding my coffee.

Loftus lens, Pistil film
Then my sister, Augie, a friend (Colleen), and I grabbed brunch at Maharlika.  This time I had the ilog breakfast with garlic rice, fried egg, and bony milkfish--delicious:

Loftus lens, Pistil film
It was great catching up with Colleen, a friend since Annabelle and her went to college together (hee! do you see the little guy napping in the pic?):

Chunky lens, Pistil film
She's one of those wonderful people with such wonderful positive energy that always puts a smile on my face:

Chunky lens, Pistil film
After brunch, we got geared up for the Super Bowl:

Loftus lens, Pistil film
With moments of contemplation:

Buckhorst H1 lens, DC film
While squeezing in a selfie with Auntie:

Buckhorst H1 lens, Cano Cafenol film
And there was awesome food to be had, including Luke's lobster rolls, chips and dip:

Loftus lens, DC film
And we were thrilled when the Patriots scored a touchdown:

Loftus lens, DC film
Including some high-five celebrations:

Chunky lens, DC film
This guy definitely had a good time and went to bed before the final score, therefore he went to bed happy.

Loftus lens, DC film

Personally I thought the best part of the Super Bowl was the half-time show with Madonna.  That grand entrance, the parkour guys, that wacky tightrope guy, the drum corps, the robed choir, the awesome guest singers--I loved it all.  Kind of made me want to put "Madonna concert" on the bucket list.  I remember having a slight anxiety that the half-time show was going to end any minute now because I was enjoying the show so much.

What disappointed this year were the Super Bowl commercials--I can hardly remember them.  What was with those GE ads?  Am I supposed to buy a turbine?  And those Budweiser, historical, post-prohibition ads did nothing for me though I thought it was a catchy soundtrack on its Eternal Optimism ad to lay Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" vocals over the opening bars of The Cult's "Sanctuary".  And I thought those commercials that tried channeling a "Victoria's Secret Come Alive!" theme were over-the-top to the point of eye-rolling (Fiat and Kia, I'm looking at you--yeesh, are you really expecting an uptick in sales from those ads?)  And good grief, haven't these typical commercials of promised unrated girlie material run out of gas by now?

I will admit that the Chevy Sonic ad made me Shazam the song ("We Are Young" by Fun featuring Janelle Monae).  And I've been enjoying the current run of Samsung ads that poke fun at the Apple devotees who are constantly waiting for the latest iDevice and the Super Bowl version was the most lavish version yet.  Other than that, a disappointing Super Bowl ad year.

So on that note, looking forward to next year's Super Bowl!


Tom said...
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Paul said...

We used to have some "Big Cock Fan" glasses...

Paul said...

What about Clint's "Halftime in America" ad?

Pound said...

one thing- lobster rolls?? LOBSTER ROLLS??????

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