Friday, February 8, 2013

After the SuperBowl

I think I have to confess that I really enjoy eating for the Super Bowl--almost as much as watching the game.  Something about the big game just gives me license to eat all the treats I crave--chips (both potato and corn), guacamole, salsa, hummus, toasted start:

Man, I love guacamole so much.  I'd love to eat a bowl of it every day.

Well, it certainly turned out to be an interesting Super Bowl. Between the power failure of over half an hour, and despite a lopsided beginning, a neck and neck battle to the end. And of course, the fierce Beyonce photo controversy.  For the record, I'd be lucky to look like that at my best.

I have to say it was slim pickings this year in terms of commercials.  I felt the bulk of them were for CBS TV shows.  My favorite commercial was the Hyundai Team commercial: 

The worst was that Go Daddy spot where the model makes out with the "brains" guy.  The heightened sound effects of their kissing were excruciating.  It was like listening to someone eating a banana with his mouth open.

Sigh.  Though I am comforted that the Ravens have won and look forward to Brendon Ayanbadejo celebrating with Ellen, it's going to a while before football season starts again.  Is it time for March Madness yet?

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