Saturday, February 2, 2013

Catch up: SoCal--Secret Santa

I was really fortunate that my company flew me out to California for the annual Awards banquet last December.  Just in time to organize 4 days of Secret Santa!  I was lucky that I had someone that seemed to get everything I could wish for.  Day 1, I received a gift card to my favorite vegan place--Native Foods:

Needless to say, I enjoyed it very much!

Day 2, I received this awesome pad of scrapbook paper, an iTunes gift card, and chocolate.

Day 3, I received an Amazon gift card and Almond Roca--the box was empty by nightfall.

The last day is the big gift and I received the Edible Selby.  I LOVE it.  Fantastic photography with fantastic food--perfect.  Bonus: a pack of Red Vines!

Thanks A for being an awesome Secret Santa. A great way to be in the office! 

For the record, I got crafty being a Secret Santa as well!


Tom said...
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