Saturday, February 2, 2013

Catch Up: So Cal--Linda

Being in California  for work also gives me an opportunity to spend some awesome time with Linda. Her boy Ethan took this one of us--I love her glasses:

Then she took one of me and Ethan with his longish hair:

Linda has been cooking up a storm on her blog and I finally got to enjoy some of it.  Ironically she has been cooking a lot of Korean food.  And she is ridiculously great at it:

Another meal she introduced me to: the Native Foods lemon sauce.  I didn't think I'd like it--I was like, lemon sauce?  Meh.  But it was surprisingly delicious:

She also is a photo magic smartypants and can do cool things with photos.  Though I came up with the idea to put my face behind hers so mine doesn't look so gigantic.  Smart, right?  It worked:

We talk for hours at a time and we both love eating and crafting too.  Sigh.  Can't wait to have her feed me again.

1 comment:

Pound said...

sniff. miss you. if you stand 7 ft behind me your face will be even smaller!
and longish??? he looked like a girl.