Thursday, February 28, 2013

Highlights of this NJ trip so far

Gotta love a good toilet mascot:

Having coffee with a good friend:

And also enjoying a good meal:

Sweet visits from sweet babies:

Free songs from Starbucks:

This "Adorn" song has a groove reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing", to me, at least.

And I've been able to get crafty!

Went to visit a rehab facility and I was spacing on the name of the person I spoke to and the receptionist says, "Oh, you're Mrs. So-and-So--you're here to interview for the secretary position, right?"  And I was dressed like this:

Would so love it if the job description said, "Dress code: Sporty Spice, circa 1995"

A non-highlight on this trip would be the cold weather up here:

But on the plus side, there is a Trader Joe's with these delicious beauties about 25 minutes away:

A slightly guilty pleasure here was working out at the local gym here. They have a good deal of $100 for 12 visits for an excellent facility.  I know I should be saving money and just running outside for miles but it's been so cold, I just know I would forgo exercising altogether.  Plus, I hate running.  And since it's been a bit of a sanity-saver to do something for my health, it's been kind of worth it.

And of course, it's been great to spend time with my sister up here!  Hoping to catch up with some other NYC folks while I'm here...


Tom said...
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Pound said...

oh hahahaha did you do the trick where you position yourself 2 ft behind the other person? and did you take 8 pics? i always seem to only take 1 pic w everyone i know except you. :D