Sunday, February 10, 2013

2012 in review

Around spring of last year, I started making a list.  If you ask my daughter, she would tell you that I LOVE making lists--To Do lists are my favorite, with grocery lists coming in second.  Anyhoo, I decided to make a list of the events I partook in, including "firsts", books I read, and movies (and notable television) I saw.

I'm really glad I did it. I saw I did a lot of "firsts" as well as saw a number of movies. It kind of made me realize that I did more things than I would have thought I did if I hadn't recorded them.

Some major "firsts":
- lowered my cholesterol by over 40 points from last fall and under 200 (from 231 to 186)
- became vegan and continue to eat "plant strong"
- did my first Mud Run--the South Carolina Mud Run & my first "world famous" Camp Pendleton Mud Run
- ran my longest nonstop distance (6.5 miles) and did my first unassisted pull-up
- ate at an Iron Chef restaurant
- visited new places like Charleston, Petco Park, and the top of San Jacinto
- led a fundraising walk for NAMI
- saw Liza Minelli LIVE

I also:
- saw and held new babies, including my new niece
- saw over 40 movies for the first time, some in the theater and most on DVD.  Some were really memorable like Silver Linings Playbook, Blue Valentine, Moonrise Kingdom, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Departures, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and Forks Over Knives.
- read nine books (ugh, embarrassingly low number), including The Hunger Games series (the only fiction I completed) though I continually look through Edible Selby
- got sucked into Downton Abbey
- broke 150

Other highlights:

Receiving this Polaroid Z2300.  The photo quality isn't top notch but it's been really fun to print out pix right at the moment.  Plus the pictures have sticker backs!  I made impromptu cards at gatherings, like a birthday celebration, and I've loved giving a memento at the end of the night.  I made these little photo cards for all of Velina's friends when they were here for New Year's and they signed notes on it to each other.

I know we lost a lot of greats in 2012, but for some reason, this was the only eulogy I saved, Chuck D's eulogy of Adam Yauch:

My favorite food discoveries were green smoothies and No Knead bread making.  I still make and enjoy them regularly.

Though I didn't track all the new music I listened to, the songs that were memorable to me last year that I listened to a lot were: Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You", Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen's "Good Time", Calvin Harris' "Feel So Close", Benjamin Francis Leftwich's "Atlas Hand", and fun's "We are Young".

My favorite rediscovery was our library.  I loved going as a kid but libraries have modernized incredibly and the county library here ROCKS.  The DVD, music, and book collections are impressively current and diverse, and it has saved me so much money on rentals and purchases.  Though I have definitely made purchases if I have liked a book, CD, or DVD enough--sometimes as a gift, sometimes for me to keep so I can refer to it whenever I want.   On top of that, our library has Freegal service which offers 3 free (and yes, legal) song downloads a week from their Sony catalog.  I've totally built up my Glee and Calvin Harris collection from it.  They also pull requests--I can do a search online and request it and they'll e-mail me when it's ready for pick up at my local branch--so easy when I'm feeling lazy and it saves me gas from going to another branch.  And they also have e-books to borrow and e-magazines.  I don't know if it's been a while since you went to your library, but if you haven't, I highly recommend it--it's been great rediscovering my library experience.

In terms of my resolutions for 2012, the only one I accomplished was breaking 150.  But in terms of "one little word" for 2012, "open", I feel great, especially in terms of all my firsts.  I'm wrestling with continuing these same resolutions for 2013 (because of course, I'm above 150 again) but I'd like to at least update it a bit.  I know I missed making my resolutions on January 1 (thanks, Franken-flu) but I'll take the late opportunity of kicking it off with the lunar new year!

Any suggestions?

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Pound said...

that's a great list! i have no idea what i did, besides maybe looking thru my project life, it would remind me of firsts. but it's cool to see it in list for. i love making lists, but my grocery lists are horrendous. 90% of the time i bring my list, and leave without getting the one thing i most needed. and it was on the list. did it today in fact- bought the filling stuff and other random things i didn't need, but not the egg roll wrapppers, which is why i went there in the first place.