Monday, February 18, 2013

Brooklyn Sunday

With my mom recovering from major surgery, it's been pretty busy in NJ.  I got a little reprieve and spent Sunday in Brooklyn, with my sweet-cheeked niece:

And my adorable nephew:

And we managed to squeeze in a delicious brunch out:

I LOVE these moments:

I thought Augie was going to be jealous of the attention that his new sister would get but he's been so sweet doting on her too.  Hope it stays that way!  It warms me so much when he gives her a big kiss complete with the sound effect, Mwah!

Now that my sister lives in Brooklyn, I drive over the Verrazano bridge every visit. 

Definitely better than the tunnel so far (tough to be worse than about a dozen lanes being funneled down to 2 lanes for the tunnel) and more scenic, but it kind of gives me the sads when I think of the scenes here in Saturday Night Fever.  Yeesh, anybody else remember that movie?  At least now, I have couple of sweet-cheeked reasons to attach happy memories to the Verrazano bridge now!

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Pound said...

you guys must be eating all kinds of gluten free vegan desserts. yum. (not really)