Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Catch Up: Holidays in the Northeast

We spent the Christmas holidays up in NJ, CT, and NY.  We got to see my mom and of course, the girl was excited to see her sweet little cousins:

And she also got to perform a little holiday concert with her cousins-in-law in CT:

It was the first time she got to meet Josie--so any face time was precious:

After Christmas, we went back down to NY and enjoyed fabulous pizza in SoHo:

As well as delicious Salty Pimps at Big Gay Ice Cream--despite the chilly weather!

Family, New York, and Food--what makes holidays better?


Pound said...

is the ice cream place specifically owned by gay people? what's the thing behind the name. also that pizza is the size of a welcome mat!

Frances said...

Yes--it's owned by two gay men and I think that's a sign for the store next door offering a deal on a dozen roses.

I think the way I took the pic of the pizza made it look so huge--it's pretty much the regular size, about 16"?

Pat said...

I'm out of the loop!