Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby shower!

T&E had their baby shower in January, I got to experiment with some more vegan and gluten-free baking.  I made these Snickerdoodles, which were a big hit:

The vegan & gluten-free coconut cupcakes I made were well-received also, but the chocolate ones were found to be a bit "hearty":

Other friends made these delightful (non vegan/gf) boobie cupcakes!  Also a hit, ironically not a bust (haha!)

This was one of my favorite activities.  A couple of tables were set up with blank wood blocks and paint and we got to paint some very unique and personalized blocks:

I loved the creativity (and artistry) of these!

The baby shower was also a "gender reveal" party--my guess was boy.  At the end, T&E released traditionally colored balloons to reveal their baby's gender:

AHA! I was right!

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Pound said...

by hearty were they full of nuts and beans and seeds? the blocks is a great idea! if i ever throw someone a baby shower we're doing that!