Friday, March 11, 2011

Fueling the inspiration

I'm set to fly out to SoCal on Monday to spend quality time with friends and I have a checklist of things I want to do while I'm out there (mostly to do with places to eat). I also have a few self-assignments to do while I'm out there and I wanted to get a little inspiration before I went. I checked out this great exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art, "Who Shot Rock & Roll":

There were great live shots, great styled shots, and great videos. One of my favorites was the shot of the band "Kiss" in full make-up and suits on a New York City street. It became the cover of their album, "Dressed to Kill". I plan on going back again to absorb stuff I missed.

And serendipitously, I spied this window display in a shop around the corner from the museum:

Anyone else loving that green coat and hat ensemble?

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Pound said...

i don't fancy that outfit.