Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet and Sour

My SoCal friend told me she had a Christmas gift that she hadn't gotten around to mailing to me. Needless to say, it was worth the wait:

Inside those five Jelly Belly ziplocs: Sunkist Fruit Gems!

These were on my Amazon wish list for the longest time. One of my favorite sweets--combining high gummy volume to a light granular sugar dusting. Not to be confused with Chuckles. I ate a whole bag on my flights back to SoCar. Thanks Lady.

Sigh. Something sweet to remember my trip from.  Especially when I came back to a messy house of Sonic wrappers, pizza boxes, and stuff just everywhere--though Paul swear he did a lot of picking up as he side-eyed the girl.  I went into a minor rant of my God what would you guys do if I died suddenly?!  Paul nodded solemnly, yeah, we'd be like two would get really messy here

AND, I continued, you'd probably donate all my craft stuff! 

Paul paused stiffly, and then answered in an obvious tone similar as if I asked if folks should wash their hands after using public restrooms, Oh my God yes! I would TOTALLY donate all that craft stuff.  He sighed thoughtfully.  Well, maybe Velina would want some...

Man, I gotta remember not to die anytime soon.


Kristen said...

Glad you are enjoying them. They are my FAV too. Needless to say when I was at the Jelly Belly Factory I needed a cart for all my bags of Gems!
Did Paul and Velina at least run the dishwasher once while you were gone?

Paul said...

We(I) ran it twice!

Pound said...

i was waiting for you to post about how the dishwasher hadn't been run once while you were away...