Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It went by too soon

My sweet baby nephew's visit came and went so fast, it was like a blur. Still wondering if I kissed these sweet cheeks enough:

Or if I took enough selfies with him:

P.S. I love these whale footy pajamas on his so much. I told my sister that I'll probably need him to wear a version of this until he's an adult. Come on Augie, time to wear the whales for Auntie Frances!

We managed to squeeze in some "skoogie boarding" (yes that's a boogie board on top of a skateboard) and Velina managed to beat Augie's dad in every race:

Velina also got to hold the cutie a number of times--man I love this baby in hoodies!

We got to give this sweetie a bath:

And of course, we ate. Like the #3 Big Pig BBQ platter enjoyed by Augie's dad:

And the oyster shooters we tried with a Bud chaser:

And the grits with sea bass and collard greens:

And a little pubbing. Here's my wheat beer sampler--that's Hoegaarden, Spaten Franziskaner, Blue Moon, Allagash White, and Weihenstephaner, clockwise from the top right (BTW, my new favorite is the Hoegaarden):

And dessert was had as well--this is my cinnamon ice cream. Man it must be forever since I've had straight up ice cream because this was sooo good:

And since there is no Sonic in NYC and it is one of Velina's favorite places, we picked up some shakes (Cherry Lime Cooler and Vanilla Malted) from there as well one night.

Unfortunately, the weather cooled down (and even rained--gaaaah!) so we didn't get to hang on the porch that much, though I would take the baby out for a short spells:

Because he was somewhat hypnotized by the lights:

And it was also our lucky weekend. Augie's dad bought a few of these scratchers and mine won a $1:

Which only added to our gambling hubris (he's won his fantasy football league twice and I've won the overall in my football pool twice), so who knows what might be worth gambling on next...

Sigh, anyhoo, they left yesterday and the house seems so quiet. Until next time, Augie...

And don't forget to wear the whale outfit!

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Pound said...

that whale jammie is cute but it's like if i tried to dress ethan in his old duckie jams right now. and be honest... did you eat any of that bbq meat? cuz you took a pic of it and all... anyway can't wait for tues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeee ahhhwwww!!!!!!