Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spare Room to Hotel Room

In my journey to make the spare room an amenable guest room, I had a few breakdowns along the way. Ever watch "Hoarders" and they inevitably hit some point where the hoarder breaks down and cries and then justifies/Charlie Sheens it? God dammit, this is my life and you people just don't understand! I don't have a problem, I'm winning, dammit! What?! Yes I'm high. The drug is Frances and I'd tap out a line for you but it's too darn potent! Or something like that. Anyhoo, I kind of hit that point a number of times where I had to take a break and walk away and reassess the next day. But in the end I was able to get a lot done condensing like items together and labeling nearly everything. The hard part was taking a harder look at stuff I don't/won't use. Eventually I had a pile of empty containers where I planned to put the bed:

But remember how the furniture store slated delivery for the day of my sister's arrival and I joked that nothing could go wrong with that? Well, of course, I get a call yesterday and they say the truck isn't going to make it till Saturday. They offer me two options: they'd give me the Queen size version (I had ordered a Full size) of the same model I ordered for the same price and deliver it since they have it in stock or they'd give me another model in Full size and then replace it with the model I ordered on Saturday. In the end I went with the Queen size option, but it meant rearranging and making more room for the bigger bed. But it got done! (You can check out the "Before" in this post.) Wha-la!

The bookcases are all on one side:

I cleared the table and I can now close the closet doors.

I moved out the record albums (of which I ended up donating a third of them) and put the labeled supplies that I use less often in the closet for now. I did allow myself one "panic box" of miscellaneous items that I didn't have a place for yet and I will sort out later.

Overall, I'm very pleased and the girl even said it looked like a hotel! Perhaps because it's got a tv in there now?

With a hospitality card listing my guests' favorite channels?

Or is it the little welcome basket?

Can't wait until my sister's family arrives!


Tomb said...
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Pound said...

i see my pz table!!!

and dammit. have i taught you nothing? you said "wah-lah" again.