Thursday, March 3, 2011

Porch Redo

Another area I wanted to spruce up before my sister and her family's arrival was the back porch. They love being in the fresh air and since it's been getting milder here, I thought it'd be nice to have an area where we could enjoy beverages and some snacks:

Previously, we had been using the back porch just as a convenient place to bring out the trash and put out recyclables.

Though I spent about $35 investing in the artificial grass rug, a few cans of spray paint, and a couple of Dollar Store LED-lit paper lanterns, I really wanted to use what I had on hand. I used folding chairs and an old folding table we had as well as icicle lights.

I attempted to spruce up the folding table with some color. I have dubbed this table "The Learning Experience". I had tried different spray paints (e.g., one for plastic since there is a laminate on the table) and realized that some reacted unevenly with each other and the surface. Also, I learned a couple of lessons the hard way about using hand-made stencils. Anyhoo, it'll do for now:

Also the girl had this faded blue paper lamp that I spray painted in Chrome to make it pop against the paper lanterns:

It all came together quickly and fairly painlessly and I was pleased with the simple redo. To summarize, here is Before:

Here is After:

And here is After-Dark:

I stuffed some icicles inside the chrome star paper lamp. And since the green paper lanterns' LED lights didn't work, I stuffed a few icicles inside of one as well. Who would have thought there would be such shoddy workmanship from the Dollar Store?

The girl liked it a lot--she said she looks forward to hanging out there with food and friends.

Hope my sister's family enjoys it!


Pound said...

by beverages you mean beer.
the after is awesome. but the astroturf... i dunno. it's all wrinkly. maybe cut it so it's smaller than the room? evan could putt in there...

Lindsay said...

Love crafty!!!