Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SoCal Checklist: Which Wich

Another stop on the food checklist with Linda was Which Wich, where you get to specify how you want your sandwich on these cute paper bags (which took me a while-LOTS of choices):

The sandwich was tasty and their house chips were delicious as well:

Definitely fun and tasty - I definitely recommend trying this place if you're near one, you lucky duck. 

Cute Kid Alert!  Got to hang with Oli, who's birthday party is this week:  the Big 2!

Love that he shows off the "meow-meow" that his mom draws on his cute tummy:

For dinner, had a delicious homemade Vietnamese summer roll feast (argh, no pictures!) and then met up with friends for an evening drink. I limited myself to one cocktail and I even shared it:

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Pound said...

wth is wrong w/ oli's legs? they look horribly misshapen, like he has polio.