Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Went to get a haircut

I went to a recommended haircutter and I went through my usual spiel of "needing a haircut that flatters", as I circle my big face with my hand, "this, because my face is"--

"--round. Uh-Huh," he interjected dryly.

Anyhoo, he went with choppy bangs and thinning out the length. This is what it looked like afterwards ( my car in the parking lot):

And you can see, how flat and smooth my hair can be with professional hair-styling hands:

Unfortunately, in my unskilled, lazy hands, much less so:

Maybe it's time for the China Chop after all.


Tomb said...
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Heidi said...

The new cut is lovely no matter how you style/unstyle it.

Pound said...

i love bangs on you!!! and i actually like your unstyled hair better, not so flat and smooth.
anyway i might make you cut my hair a little. i had evan do it and if it's wacky you might have to fix it for me.