Saturday, March 19, 2011

SoCal Checklist: Hang with Nana (Bonus: UFC!)

I got to spend some time with Nana getting facials and catching up over some Korean food:

It was her first time trying kimchi! Hooray--she can cross that off her checklist!

I will confess I was thrown by this sign in the restroom stall:

I get they don't want paper towels or garbage flushed down, but uh, toilet paper? What do they want us to do with that? I confess I broke the rules and flushed it--fortunately, it went down without a problem and I didn't "inconvenience" another user.  Whew!

In the evening my friends hosted a delicious party of carne asada and candy (okay the candy was actually my contribution). They ordered the UFC fight where we were FLOORED by Jon Jones definitive victory over Shogun Rua. Great Saturday night in SoCal where the fights start at 7--instead of 10PM on the East Coast!

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Pound said...

wow your old white mother in law has eaten kimchi, not even i will eat it. the smell creates a forcefield that repels me.