Monday, March 21, 2011

SoCal: last day

Sigh. The last day in SoCal is always the hardest.

I was able to squeeze in some PinkBerry froyo with Linda:

And one last Happy Hour with a few friends, including this awesome guy:

Smart, funny, and can sing! He has been a huge support of my decluttering efforts and is super sweet with dogs. And he is thisclose to being as good a sports gambler as me.  And taking a page from Linda's blog: PS - he's single. Can I do a #humblebrag for him and mention that he has done a production of West Side Story, including the full choreography? And he loves Glee. No wonder we get along.

Anyhoo, I know there's going to be a melancholy after I leave here and it's not going to be about the weather and food. I'll be missing all the good people. Sigh.


Pound said...

i'm still peeved they didn't have the blood orange stuff for you to try. your dude is cute, but being a glee fan may be a deal breaker. that show sucks.

Frances said...

Pinkberry, Argh! [shaking fists to sky]

Girlfriend, they can't all be Dr. Who fans: "There's the oldest being in the universe--she's just a face! She's. Just. A. Face."

Besides you've gotta have some friends who are Glee fans. Besides me.

Tomb said...
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