Friday, January 21, 2011

At the vet's

I brought my cats in because among other things, apparently all cats are required to have a rabies vaccine in the state of South Carolina. Anyhoo, in general, I don't expect a vet's waiting room to have anything remotely interesting to me beyond "educational" pamphlets made by veterinary pharmaceutical companies, but someone "gifted" the waiting room with this book:

It's kind of in the vein of LOL cats, but frankly, most of the stuff was fairly uninspired, like a cat on the thin line between patience and clawing the owner's face, wearing a hat or sprinkled with playing cards. Or a sleeping cat piled under a bunch of couch cushions or in a mound of gummy bears. stuff + cats = awesome? Think again, my friend.

Okay, this was kind of funny.

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Pound said...

bwahahahahaha someone made that???????? ethan would love it.