Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Make like confetti and throw yourself into 2011

After spending hours/days and finally getting my iPhone updated on the latest operating system and grasping iTunes (at least I think I've got a basic understanding), I finally got 10GB of songs on it and now can use it as a high-falutin' iPod. To break it in, I went to the gym for the first time in 2011. I only went for half an hour, but for me, it counts a LOT more than not going. Yes, I'm taking on my resolutions starting with breaking 150, from today's 158.

When I start my day with something good for me, like exercise, I kind of feel like the world is my oyster. Like an iota of what Jim Harbaugh must be feeling today after crushing in the Orange Bowl.

During the holidays, I picked up this print from Elise Blaha, who inspired today's blog post title, in her shop. I hung it up by the door:

So I can read it regularly:

Alright 2011, here we go. Cue Van Halen's "Unchained".


Anonymous said...

I love the Elsie print. I think I may have to order one for my scrapbooking station for inspiration. Thanks for linking us to her. I do enjoy her site. I will have to poke around it some more. Miss you this year already....Veronica

Pound said...

dear god i'm downloading 3 seasons of the big bang theory to put in my iphone itunes. cuz you know, there aren't enough time wasters on there already... i can still fit 21 gb of crap. :D